Greensfelder Data Privacy Attorney Lucie Huger quoted in HIPAA ArticleGreensfelder attorney Lucie Huger was featured in Relias Media‘s Hospital Access Management HIPAA Regulatory Alert article entitled, “Avoid Most Common HIPAA Violations With Best Practices, Education.”

An excerpt of the article is as follows:

HIPAA breaches can happen even to the best prepared healthcare organizations, but knowing the most common failings can improve your chances of staying in the good graces of the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

Organizations sometimes have a false sense of preparedness because they put policies in place and think that is enough, says Lucie F. Huger, JD, an officer, attorney, and member of the healthcare practice group at Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale in St. Louis. “I see a lot of technical compliance, but one thing I see organizations overlooking on a routine basis is the human element involved,” Huger says. “Through those mistakes, even with the best policies in place, you can still be violating HIPAA. People get curious and click on links in phishing emails, which can be very dangerous to an organization. Or, I see it when people work too quickly and provide information about a patient to the wrong person.”

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