Inside of a hospitalThe February 2020 issue of the health care industry publication Hospital Peer Review features interviews with Greensfelder attorneys Amy Blaisdell and Kathy Butler on what hospitals should know about the risks and protections related to the peer review process. 

In an article titled “Avoid Legal Pitfalls in Peer Review Process With Bylaws, HCQIA Standards,” Butler discusses the risks and oversights seen in peer review processes. As stated in the introduction:         

The peer review process can be a legal mine field, with missteps exposing the hospital and health system to allegations that result in significant liability. Reduce that risk by knowing the common mistakes and using best practices to keep the review above reproach.

In another article in the issue, “Patient Safety Act Offers Peer Review Protections,” Blaisdell discusses the protections provided to health care providers. The publication notes:

The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (PSQIA) offers substantial legal protections to hospitals investigating medical errors, but one must understand the law to attain its full benefits. … Understanding the protections afforded by the PSQIA is important for several reasons, Blaisdell says. First, the PSQIA substantially limits the risk that providers and healthcare systems were exposed to under state peer review statutes.

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