A recent article published in Part B News features an interview with Greensfelder Officer Lucie Huger about the implications of a court ruling on medical record fees charged to patients and third parties.

The article, titled “Court throws out fee policies for medical record sharing; watch for new rules,” summarizes the recent news for health care providers as follows:

“A court ruling has obliterated the HHS guidance that requires your practice to charge third parties the same low price as patients for medical records. You currently don’t have much recourse if the patient just claims the records are for him or her — but you should prepare yourself for regulation or sub-regulation that may provide it soon.”

Huger, whose practice focuses on health care law and data privacy issues including HIPAA, shared tips with Part B News on best practices for updating HIPAA policies and procedures until future guidance is issued, including establishing non-patient rates and briefing staff on the changes.

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